Cablevision Offers Packages With Broadband, Free Gear, and HBO NOW

These two new packages are clearly priced to beat traditional offers being less than half the price of many TV packages, sometimes even cheaper. Most of the cost the consumer is paying for is simply Internet access, not costly add-ons and channels they don’t watch.

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Use the Internet and Avid Everywhere to Connect With You Audience

A new addition to the Avid Tools capability is a robust metadata tagging and management capability that are going to be necessary when using such a diverse toolset across so many platforms. Being able to find the media you are looking for and access where you are at is critical

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Is Your Cell Phone Data Plan A Scam?

If you sign up for Project Fi you get the standard $10 per GB but in this instance Google refunds you for any data you don’t use. If you sign up for a 5 GB per month plan and only use 3 GB, you get $20 towards your next bill. This isn’t rollover minutes, this is rollover cash and it’s a bigger deal than it sounds at first.

Not surprisingly a few other carriers are announcing new and confusing price bundles to obscure what is going on, but Republic Wireless is straight up offering the same deal.

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I think that all people should have access to affordable health care coverage. In the United States, we spend some $8,000 per person on health care coverage which is more money per capita than any other nation in the world yet more than 40 million people in our country are without health care. In fact, the US is the only developed nation in the world not to provide universal health care coverage to its citizens. It is time to recognize universal health care as a fundamental right. I propose a single payer universal health care system to provide free health care coverage to every citizen of the United States.

Educating its citizens should be the highest aim of any society. The United States is home to the top two universities in the world - Harvard College and the University of California at Berkeley. However, the price of higher education in the United States has become needlessly expensive. I propose a free education from kindergarten through graduate school so all people can pursue their educational aspirations regardless of cost.
The efforts of more than just our families are needed to raise our children. While most people will have children during their lifetimes, affordable daycare is not a reality for most people. A fairly simple problem to resolve, I propose free daycare for all children to be provided at our local schools..

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Universal Daycare

WHY IT IS NEEDED: Daycare is expensive. When my wife and I had our son in daycare full time and our daughter in after school daycare part time our monthly bill totaled nearly $1000 dollars, one quarter of our monthly salary. Most of us will have children at some point during our lives and it is essential that they are cared for in a way that we feel good about and at a relatively inexpensive cost to us. While most of us have some kind of daycare center already located at our child’s school we generally have to pay for them to attend. 

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